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L&R DesignZA is a family owned business which officially started in January 2017. The team members have plenty of experience in their own fields. They are enthusiastic, dedicated and committed to their work. Their aim is to help you managing your business and making you more effective and profitable.

The programs are affordable and easy to use. With minimal extra cost, the program can be adjusted to suit your needs.
We are only a phone call away.

Software currently available:

  • Druk verslae.
  • Register hou per lokaal.
  • Gee opsomming van bates in voorraad.
  • Waardevermindering en
  • Versekering bereken
  • Laai brosjure af as pdf of u kan dit aanlyn besigtig.

  • Fast access to receiving and delivering of laundry items.
  • Access control via password.
  • Functions in program limited to staff access level.
  • It is a multi-user system.
  • Easy to add personnel to the system and to assign access levels to them.
  • Clients are easily added to system.
  • Items can be easily added and removed.
  • Assign your own codes to the items and print the list.
  • Transactions keep record of items received and delivered.
  • Clients are easily chosen and the person who captured the data as well as the driver is recorded.
  • In the delivery list provision is made for delivery tags. It also keeps record of the whole process from receiving to delivering of the items.
  • Utilities make it possible to edit transactions which are recorded in a journal and can be printed when needed.
  • Reports and exports give a printed list of the following:
    • Total of items daily received and delivered as well as a client list.
    • A weekly/monthly summary shown in a pivot table which can be exported to a .csv file.

  • Issue/receive books.
  • Use barcodes or student number to issue books.
  • Quick and easy to add, edit or remove books from system.
  • Print barcodes or make your own.
  • Students can immediately be added to the system.
  • Students can be added to the system by making use of a .csv file.
  • Outstanding books can be identified by simply printing a list.
  • Download brochure as pdf or view it online

  • Reik boeke uit/ontvang dit terug.
  • Gebruik strepieskode (barcode) of leerdernommer om boek uit te reik.
  • Vinnig om boeke tot die stelsel by te voeg, verander of te verwyder.
  • Druk strepieskode (barcode) of maak jou eie.
  • Leerder kan onmiddelik tot die stelsel bygevoeg word.
  • Leerders kan tot die stelsel bygevoeg word deur gebruik te maak van 'n .csv lêer.
  • Uitstaande boeke kan vinnig nagegaan word deur bloot 'n lys te druk.
  • Laai brosjure af as pdf of u kan dit aanlyn besigtig.

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Contact us:

Email: info@lrdesignza.co.za - Phone: 044 871 0791

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